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Regardless of the lash style you choose, your natural lash health is our number one priority. We work with you to help you pick the perfect style for your eyehape without overburdening your natural lashes


Lash Lift
1 Hour

Transform your lashes with our lash lift and tint service, enhancing natural curl and adding a rich, dark tint for a bold, glamorous look that lasts. Elevate your eyes with a low-maintenance beauty solution that opens up your gaze and defines every flutter. Results last 4-6 weeks.

Classic Lash Extensions
2 hours

The classic set offers a single eyelash extension to a single natural lash. A classic set is a great look for those who are tired of putting on mascara and just want to wake up and go! Think of this set as the most perfect lengthening and volumizing mascara and lash curler all in one!



1 WEEK- 45 minutes

2 WEEKS- 60 minutes

3 WEEKS- 90 minutes


Hybrid Lash Extensions
2 hours
Most Popular Style

Not sure if Volume or Classic is right for you? Why not try them both? This is where most people start as it is a great blend of length and fullness. This gives you more than just the "Mascara Look" of Classic, it also gives your lashes some depth and texture giving you the look of eyeliner and mascara combined! 


Touch Ups:

 1 WEEKS- 45 minutes

2 WEEKS- 60 minutes

3 WEEKS- 90 minutes

Volume Lash Extensions

Volume eyelash extensions are anywhere from 2-6 very light and thin extensions applied to a single natural lash.  This method can be lighter on the natural lash than a single Classic extension and is great for those who have weak, brittle or damaged natural lashes as we can customize the weight and number of extensions to be healthiest for your natural lash. This set is best for MATURE clients.


Touch Ups:

1 WEEKS- 45 minutes

2 WEEKS- 60 minutes

3 WEEKS- 90 minutes


How To Care For Your Lash Extensions

Lashes Aftercare back (1).png
Other Artists Work

If you currently have eyelash extensions on from another lash artist, we ask that you let us know before booking your appoingment. If we feel the previous artist has damaged your lashes or are not applied properly, there is a strong likelihood that your lashes will need to be removed and put back on properly. Due to the unregulated nature of eyelash extension trainings, certifications and regulations, there are a lot of lash artists that have been improperly trained and at Beauty Marked, our priority is your natural lash health and eye safety. Thus if you are coming in for a touch up from another lash artist, then you agree that your current extensions may need to be removed and a new full set will be applied at the appropriate full set price.

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