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I was skeptical about having my eyebrows microbladed. I overplucked mine and barely had any hair left growing, and never penciled them in, so having big, bold brows intimidated me. But, I put my trust in Sarah and was so impressed! We talked about shape and thickness and Sarah scaled them back to suit my comfort zone and the shape of my face. Now I can't imagine my face without the definition of my eyebrows. Huge gamechanger for me! Thanks so much Sarah!!!!! #lifeisbetterwithbrows

-Tricia Boettcher, Collingwood

I went to Sarah for mcroblading my brows and couldn't be happier with the results. She took extra time when maping out and together we came up with the most pleasing shape for my bone structure and how much arch, tail etc. I wanted.

Th pain was quite tolerable and she numbed throughout the process so I was comfortable. She gives printed instructions and after-care ointment and was available by text or email for any questions during the healing process.

I had no scabbing or peeling - I thinkmostly because of the ointment -  so the few weeks after my initial appointment went very well.

I returned for the follow up about 7 weeks later and she touched up a few areas that were a little light.

So happy with her service and skills! Would highly recommend her.

-Kathryn Armstrong, Collingwood

Sarah was meticulous in planning and mapping my brows. She did a fantastic job and I love the finished product!

-Melanie Silver, Creemore

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Sarah's dedication to her are is amazing. Always looking for ways to better her craft and she's already terrific. Highly recommend for microblading and makeup as those are the products I've used so far! Can hardly wait to try the others!

-Amanda Jerome, Collingwood

I had the most amazing experience with Sarah! She talked me through every step of my microblading process...was funny, professional, careful, and with only a minimal amount of discomfort I was left with the most perfect brows ever. I am absolutely thrilled with the reuslts and would 110% recommend Sarah to take care of all you blading needs. I was so thrilled with my experience I have booked my lashes with her at the end of the month!

-Patti Gray-Riley, Wasaga Beach

Got a full set of lashes today, they look fabulous and Sarah was so friendly and so professional, made sure I was comfortable and happy the whole time. I'm so excited to show these babies off!

-Debbie Yaniw, Wasaga Beach