• Sarah Shirley

3 Reasons Why Microblading Isn't For You

So you are contemplating microblading. You've done your research, you've found THE artist whos work you're drooling over, and you've booked your appointment. Great! Except your microblading artist is suggesting that you aren't a candidate for 'microblading', but rather 'shading' (or powder/ombre). Huh?

So what IS shading and why aren't you a candidate for microblading?

Well, assuming you don't have any medical conditions, shading is usually a machine tattoo process that deposits pigment under the skin and creates a more solid brow, resulting in a soft 'makeup' look vs microblading, which is a hand held tool that is used to 'draw' hair like strokes into your eyebrow. Your microblading artist has suggested this for one of these reasons:

1. Too Thin Skin

Certain skin types are too delicate to be microbladed on. Mature skin is thin and microblading could result in a 'blow out' of strokes (ie, blurry and not crisp and pretty).

2. Oily Skin

Microblading would simply fade sooner on oilier skin types. There goes your hard earned dough...

3. Your View On Makeup

If you're the type who LOVES makeup and you fill them in every day like an Instagram Guru, you simply wouldn't be happy with microblading. Microblading still has space between the 'brow hairs' and you would likely would still wind up penciling in your brows. Powder/Ombre brows are more solid and can often give the results of a fuller, glam brow.

If you aren't sure which style is best suited for you, I recommend you talk with your artist to discuss what would work for you. And as always, don't hesitate to ask me any questions you may have. I am always happy to help!

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